Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Devil Inside

For some this may all be TMI so if you are one of those who think girlee stuff is TMI then stop reading here...

I had read many many hours of internet junk about the Mirena before I had in put in. I read tons of postings from women who swore it had ruined their lives and I thought wah, wah, wah- whatever!! I am generally a skeptic and firm believer that if you read about all of the side effects of medications you will inevitably get them. It is not that I do not advocate for people being informed about their medications but unless the side effect is something that is potentially life threatening I think sometimes it is best not to know about them. Then if you start to notice something weird when starting a new med you can check it out. This may seem backwards but I have met scores of people who are intolerant to side effects and seem to have every side effect listed. I really believe if they would not have know the side effects they might not have experienced them- it is a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. That said... I went against my own advice and read about the Mirena. I read of many women who loathed it but I also read of many women who loved it. I had mine placed in January of last year. I did not even get it so much for the birth control but more for control of my ungodly heavy periods. I stayed anemic due to the heavy bleeding and could no longer tolerate it. The placement was easy and did not hurt much at all. I had a little cramping. Then the bleeding started and lasted for about 4-5 weeks. It was not heavy but it also never stopped. I then realized why it worked as birth control, always bleeding=no sex=no pregnancy. The bleeding finally slowed down and I was pleased. No more heavy periods and no more cramps. my mother and grandmother both had emergency hysterectomies for heavy bleeding and I really was excited to maybe stop the pattern. I continued to spot frequently for the first 6-7 months but it was nothing compared to what my periods had been so I did not mind. When I learned I have antiphospholipid syndrome I was again glad I had chosen the Mirena because this appears to be the only form of birth control that is safe given my tendency to clot. When Kenneth and I decided we might be ready to TTC again the Mirena was removed (and that is a whole other post). The removal was not painful and I again had a few cramps and that was it. I woke up the next day and I suddenly realized that all of those women who swore the Mirena had ruined their life had been correct. I had not noticed while the Mirena was in what it was doing to me but when it was out it all became painfully clear. I now have a sense of calm inside that I had not felt in so long. I am no longer yelling at my kids and losing patience with them at the drop of a hat and for no good reason. My acne is clearing up. I am smiling. I am not tired all of the time. My bones and joints are not aching. I thought all of these things were because of the stress of the past year and because of growing older, and I am sure that did play a little role, but overall I feel 10 years younger with that thing out. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking forward tot he heavy periods again but I am so glad to have my life back. Whether I get pregnant or whether I don't, I will never have another Mirena inserted. I have decided that mother nature did not intend for us to jack with our hormones in that way.


  1. Sounds like a relief! So glad you are feeling so great! Maybe I have one of those in and I don't know it. That could be it! Seriously, I'm going to call a doc I went to in Bedford a few years ago. I've got to get this mystery sorted out! Love ya, amy

  2. A.men.

    I had mine pulled back in October (but didn't post on the forums - too many nosy family members!). I had no idea how jacked up my system was until it was gone. I wrote a post about it way back when. I was a live wire on it - always stressed, always tense, emotional, raw - just a wreck. I could go on about other crap that disappeared with the Mirena, but suffice it to say, I'm glad it's gone.

    Did you have a hormone "crash" when yours was pulled? I had a headache for almost two weeks straight.

    Wish I'd read this sooner!