Saturday, August 9, 2008

To Florida and Back

We are back from our Florida trip. We went with my parents, my sister and her kids, and my aunt to Destin, Fl. It was fun but I am glad to be back home. There is just nothing that compares to my own bed. The kids were fairly well behaved and I think they had a great time also. Carly did not like the ocean. She was terrified although she did get in the water with her Nana one time. The kid is so anxious about everything. There were a bunch of jellyfish though so I guess maybe she was the smartest one of all of us. She did spend a great deal of time in the pool though and has learned to swim quite well with floaties which is a huge thing for her. Just a month or 2 ago she was terrified to go near a pool and now she is swimming and wanting to take swimming lessons. I am proud of her. Our trip had a rocky start when we got the airport early Monday morning and realized the diaper bag was at home on the kitchen counter. I had luckily packed duplicates of most things in the bag except for Anna's medicine. Fortunately my sister was able to get her some more medicine and so that worked itself out. We mostly just chilled out by the pool. Anna did a little swimming, too. She also prefers the pool over the ocean as she does not yet understand not to rub the sand and salt water in her eyes. She is crawling all over the place now and wants so badly to be one of the big kids. GahGoo (Carly's rabbit who is nearly as old as she is and is nasty looking and falling apart but who she loves more than life itself) fell 15 stories from our balcony to the balcony of a 3rd floor condo. Carly was out on the balcony with my mom when all of the sudden I heard this horrific scream followed by "GahGoo fell and I can't go on without him!!!" So we tracked him to the 3rd floor condo and luckily those nice folks were there and retrieved GahGoo from the balcony. GahGoo was luckily still alive and intact (as much as he ever is) and is banned from balconies from here on out. I was putting sunscreen on one day (lots of it) and Carly asked why she doesn't need as much sunscreen as I do. I told her that I burn but she just turns brown. She later tells my sister that she doesn't need much sunscreen because she doesn't turn red, she "just turns black." One night at dinner our waitress said she was going to the bar to get Kenneth's beer and she would be right back. Carly asked "Mommy, why is she going to the barn?" We had our usual eating issues with her but to my total amazement she ate calamari. For those of you who are not familiar with calamari- it is squid. Yep, my chicken nugget only eater ate squid and wanted more when it was all gone. I could not believe she stepped out of her box. We also went on a dolphin cruise and saw a few dolphins swimming alongside ships. They are such beautiful creatures and seem so carefree. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind being a dolphin for a day or so. Anna was so happy to be home yesterday. She ate like champ and slept all night- neither of which did she do on the trip. She is teething and the poor girl looks like she will probably get at least 4 teeth all at the same time. Her EEG and MRI will be on Thursday and Friday- I hope it all goes well. Kenneth goes back to the ortho on Tuesday and hopefully he will be released then to go back to work. He is going nuts and so am I. Anyway, it is back to our normal routine or lack thereof, what fun...

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