Saturday, January 4, 2014

This Post Brought To You By Wonder Woman

Winter in Texas has been, well, cold. It is not really normal for it to be too cold in December but this year has been an exception for sure. We had a nasty ice storm that kept the kids out of school for an entire week. I know, I know, people say here in Texas we cancel school for one snowflake.  That is mostly true but this was totally different. It was bad even according to those who are used to bad weather. The kids had a little fun in it but overall it just trapped us in the house and made us grumpy.  We got out a couple of times to go to the store but those trips were mostly worthless because the trucks couldn't deliver to the stores so they were out of milk, bread, eggs, meat...  Luckily I stocked up on most of that stuff prior to the storm.  And yes, Gabe's gloves are socks. It is Texas people and we don't own winter gear. 
After the storm cleared it was time for the vEEG. It seemed like an amazing thing to get to do it at home. And it was...until we got the results. 3 of the leads had come off during the study making it basically useless. Nobody monitors the leads around the clock they do when you are inpatient so nobody knows they are off until after the study when it is being read. I also didn't enjoy having cameras recording in our house around the clock. It creeped me out.   Anna got her leads off after 6 days just hours before her birthday party started. 
It was the Chuck E Cheese party she had dreamed of. It made her happy and couldn't have been any easier for me. 

The EEG results (or lack of) were stressing me out when I received these awesome gifts from my sister. They made my day and cracked me up. I got the Snuggie of my dreams. Haha!
Then BAM, Christmas was here. We spent this Christmas really trying to just enjoy the gift of peace which is exactly what Christmas brought us wrapped up in that tiny baby in the manger. 

Although my heart was and still is very heavy about some things I'm not ready to talk or blog about I was able to have peace at Christmas.   My prayer is that you were too. There is another EEG being scheduled that will be done inpatient and at that time they will take Anna off all of her meds. I'll update as I know more. 

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