Sunday, January 13, 2013


I'm posting from my phone- a first for me. This ability to post from the phone probably means more posts but also way more errors. Oh well, you can't have it all, right? So after about 6 weeks of working on the letter "A" I think she got it. She can usually recognize it and usually write it (she writes it upside down about 1/2 of the time but we are cool with that). So now we have moved on all the way to letter B. I've read that you should not move on to the next letter until you've mastered the previous one. At this rate we should complete the alphabet sometime around when I can get on AARP. But hey, progress is progress. Right? Somedays I feel like things are moving right along and some days I think beating my head against the wall would produce about the same results. So today we had been working on B for awhile. We had talked about it, colored it, cut it out, found it on a poster, made the letter b out of beans... We had worked that letter to death. Just as I think she's maybe about to get it I hand her another B picture with a certain B fruit on it and I ask her "what is this fruit that starts with a B?" She happily yells out, "Corn!" And such is learning with Anna. In happy news, the insurance has decided to pay. I don't know what changed their mind but I'm more thankful than I can even express for this. Also, through another SN mom I found out about a preschool for SN kids up to age 6 where they learn but also get ST, OT, and PT. And the best part? Even better than the fact that that preschool even exists? It's free. I'm so excited and can't wait to get Anna started. Maybe they have a solution to corn?


  1. Instead of alphabetical order to learn her letters, how about the letters in her name (pretty easy) and then the first letter of C and G (for Carly and Gabriel)? For a bit more of the 'as needed' or 'functional' appoach. Yea for the letter A!

  2. great news on the preschool and the insurance paying!!