Sunday, June 24, 2012

Square One

I guess I left off with us still at the hospital and me in a rage.  I was so frustrated.  Then as quick as Anna got sick, she seemed to get better and I began to question my sanity and ability to understasnd what was going on with her.  They started her on clear liquids and she did fine, then she ate a full dinner and other than some rancid diarrhea she was good.  We got to finally go home on Saturday with what appeared to be a case of post viral gastroparesis which resolved on its own.  Yay!  Anna ate great for the first week or so.  She ate everything that didn't eat her first.  She was wanting scrambled eggs, 3-4 at a time, for almost every meal.  Our babysitter took her to eat catfish and she ate 4 fillets.  She was an eating machine.  Notice I said was.  Then as quickly as she had started eating she stopped again.  There is no vomiting and there are no complaints of nausea or "I'm afraid I'm going to puke up" as she says it this time.  She just won't eat.  Great.  We are back at square one.  I called the GI and they couldn't get us in until August.  Our pediatrician got that moved up and we saw the GI last Wednesday.  He started with doubling her reflux meds and adding back the Miralax to see if that is the problem.  So far it has not made any difference.  He told us she needs no less than 1400 calories a day just to maintain.  We are having a good day when we get 600-800 calories in her.  She is losing weight- precious weight that took years to gain.  If she is not eating in the next 2 weeks the GI wants to try Periactin again.  It did increase her appetite a bit the first time but it also made her crazy.  She was beating her head into the wall and biting herself and just having all kinds of self destreuctive behavior.  Kenneth and I are not sure if we want to go that route again.  If that doesn't work he wants to try some feeding therapy and then likely the G button again.  I'm not afraid of the button and quite honestly at least she would get the nutrition.  She has bruises over all of her bony prominences and she is just looking ill again because she is so thin. 
Other than that things are going well.  Although I usually thrive on routine, the summer break has been nice.  We still have Gabe on a pretty tight roiutine but have relaxed quite a bit with the girls.  We have even taught (err trained) the kids how to sleep in until 8:30 so that's nothing short of a miracle.  I am mostly all healed up from my surgery and get so excited everytime I go to Wal Mart and walk past the tampon isle and realize I will never need another one of those as long as I live.  That is something worth celebrating.  If you see Tampax stock take a dive it's because they know I am no longer buying 2 boxes a month to keep up with my henious periods.  I have 2 more weeks until I am supposedly 100% back to normal.  I look forward to that!  By the way, blogger's spell check is not working and I refuse to do it so deal with my typing errors- I can spell but my typing leaves something to be desired in the accuracy department.

Isn't this guy adorable?  Every now and then he and I get to go out alone and he sits in his car seat and smiles the whole time.  He is not a fan of sharing me.

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  1. yes i know my brother is cute even when he crys and hert but he is my brother :)