Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Amazing Brad and His Royal Subject

I cannot express how incredibly wonderful our speech therapist is! Brad has worked so hard with Anna and she really has connected with him and seems to want to please him. He is SO patient. He has to change activities with her about every 2 minutes. She keeps him on his toes. Not only is Anna learning more words, her words are becoming more clear. She has perfected Mama, Daddy, Carly, up, kitty, hungry, more, thank you, yes, no, cheese (she loves the camera) and drink. This may not seem like much to some people but to us it means the world! We were really worried for sometime that Anna might not talk. We are really starting to see some progress now. She is also making more noises and attempts at different sounds. We still rely on signing too but hope that some day she will be 100% verbal. Luckily we will have Brad until Anna turns 3 and ages out of Early Intervention. I will try to snap a picture of him during speech this week so that you can visualize the amazing Brad. Until then, here is a video of perfection... (Again, you will hear it better if you pause the music feed)

P.S. The Valium is not really helping Anna sleep. I am beginning to think about a rubber room for Anna and Kenneth and I will take the Valium. That makes it a win win situation, right?


  1. That's awesome!! I'm so impressed! Go Anna go!

  2. Hooray Anna! Hooray for Brad!